Botox in the bush by Lisa Witepski

South Africa´s list of tourist attractions is impressive: beautiful beaches, pristine game reserves, cosmopolitan cities and…good hospitals? Absolutely. An astonishing number of international tourists are visiting the country specifically to take advantage of our skill with the scalpel.Anne Lager is soaking up the South African sun – just like any visitor from Washington DC would. She’s already had some quintessentially South African experiences: she’s taken in Soweto’s vibe, browsed curio shops, and even cracked a nod to the bastion of Old Johannesburg, the Rand Club. What makes her different from other tourists, however, is that Anne has not come to South Africa to see lions. Instead, she has come to see a surgeon.“A few years ago, my sister and I planned a trip on the Shongologo Express,” she says. “I’d always been rather self-conscious about my ‘Maggie Thatcher’ eyes, so when my sister pointed out that South Africa is well known for the quality of its medical practitioners, I thought why not kill two birds with one stone?”So impressed was Anne with the procedure that she elected to return to the country when she required intensive dental work.And she’s not alone in choosing a long-haul flight and a stint in customs control over a visit to a surgeon in her hometown. A recent report in the Mail & Guardian quotes Dr Tshepo Maaka, managing director of Serokolo Health Tourism, as saying that “South Africa currently earns about R270 million annually from medical tourism.”Granted, not all of those millions are generated by elective procedures. The majority of medical tourists are African nationals – usually from countries such as Botswana, Ethiopia, Zambia, Angola, Nigeria, Ghana and other sub-equatorial states – who visit South Africa to avail themselves of medical facilities, equipment and skills not offered in their own countries.

Africa, one continent, many worlds

word simply means "travel" in Swahili, but for many, it alludes to wonders first envisioned in childhood: sweeping savannas, big snarling cats, thundering herds of elephant and wildebeest. Like its meaning, the word roams the imagination, becoming other words and places, like serengeti, sahara, or Kilimanjaro. Safari crosses the landscape of the mind, until it finally merges with the name of the great continent itself, Africa.
Geographia invites our readers to explore all the traditional African safari destinations, but the game parks and wildlife reserves are only the beginning of the adventure. The second largest continent on Earth, Africa contains more countries than any other. With a history of human habitation that begins with the oldest known ancestors of man, the continent's cultural wealth easily matches its natural attractions. Empires rose and fell in Africa thousands of years before the European powers began their protracted exploitation of the continent, and much pre-colonial culture remains intact. At go to Africa we strive to make your African safari the experience of a lifetime. Of course, it helps to know what you have in mind when you think of safari travel. By choosing one of the following options you'll be taken to the African safari we think would suit you best.